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Create your own Science & Math Museum


Interactive kinetic sculpture design by artist John Edmark. A snap of the wrist moves "petals"  to form a helix. 

Painting Pendulum.jpg

Painting Pendulum

"3000 steel balls fall through 12 levels of branching paths and always end up matching a bell curve distribution. 



A detailed map of the Mandelbrot Set, in a beautiful vintage style.

Escher flipbook.jpg

Escher  Flipbook

This flipbook animates the worlds of nature and art from Escher's masterpiece Metamorphosis II.

Shape shipter.jpg

The Shape-Shifting Box

3D Magnetic Transforming Magnetic Box Magic Cube - You can combine four of them to create other 3d shapes.

easy ball.jpg

Rainbow Puzzle Ball

A color matching game for kids. You push the colored balls around to match their color with the ring outside. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 9.32.12 AM.png

Science Tarot

This tarot deck features 78 original illustrations inspired by important people, practices, and discoveries in scientific history

Hexagon Puzzle.png

Hexagon n Puzzle

Hexagon puzzle has many different solutions, Each card has hints for a different solution.


3D Labyrinth Puzzles

 A toy for hands & eyes coordination and balance, spatial cognition, focus, observes ability and patience training. 

NUMBER slide.jpg

Number Slide

The goal is to reposition the squares from a given arbitrary position by sliding them one at a time.

 CMY Color Cube.jpg

CMY Color Cube

Each parallel side has a different color allowing you to see that color when viewing straight on, or a combination when viewed at an angle.


Soma Cube

Each card has a building shape challenge on one side, and the solution on the other side. 

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Newtons Cradle.jpg

Newton's Cradle

It is a device that demonstrates key physics principles: energy conservation, momentum, and friction.


Element Cube Set

9 PCS Elements Density Cubes Up to 99.99% Pure Daily Metal Cubes

archimedes puzzle.jpg

Archemedes Puzzle

Incredibly difficult and one of the oldest known puzzles and attributed to the great Archimedes.


Leonardo Da Vinci Bridge

Self-supporting Bridge. The unique structure holds itself together without any fasteners or connectors. 

Hinged Mirror.jpeg

Hinged Mirror

Hinged mirror with protractor base is great for patterns and symmetry

Talking Math with Kids Shop.png

Talking Math with Kids Shop

Buy tiling turtles, Truchet Blocks, and Christopher’s books Which One Doesn’t Belong? and How Many?


Digit Puzzle

Place all the digits on the puzzle board. 


Tessellation: HexaPlex 

Construct a fractal using physical materials. The puzzle contains 270 magnetic shapes in five different sizes.



Folding, looping, bending, twisting, turning brainteaser for 8+

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 9.37.00 AM.png

Mathematical Timeline

A printed version of Interactive Timeline of Maths that covers 20 000 years of history. on Mathigon.


Math Art Prints

Archimedean Spiral, Euler's Formula, Fibonacci Golden Spiral, Pythagoras Theorem-Set of Four Photos (8x10) Unframed.


Euclidean Cube

The ring model is made of tetrahedrons that can rotate repeatedly and transform into different shapes. 



A spirograph is a geometric drawing device that produces many different mathematical curves.


Sky Rockets

Rocket flight experiments give insight into the physics of motion and aerodynamics.

puzzle box.jpg

Puzzle Box

Puzzle Box provides multiple secret hidden compartments for you to solve and and find them.

lego ruler.jpg

Lego  cm/inch ruler

Build the full-length 12 inches (30cm) ruler, or build the optional 6 inches (15cm) version.

klein bottle.jpg

Klein Bottle

A single-sided surface with no boundary by highlights the shape further with its open-cut lattice design..


Da Vinci's Models

Learn about Leonardo da Vinci’s designs of different medieval artillery weapons. 


Star Wars Magic Cube

2 3/4 inch Tall Mirror cube with DARTH VADER & YODA heads


Hanoi Tower

It repetitive sequential that allows moving one piece at a time and are only allowed to place a smaller piece on top of a larger piece.


Caesar Cipher

The top ring moves freely and spins. Choose a shift code number and send a secret message.


Optics Experiment Set

Optics Sets with laser and different concave and convex prisms


Galton Board

"3000 steel balls fall through 12 levels of branching paths and always end up matching a bell curve distribution. 


Spiegel Tangram 2.0

Symmetry game that you cannot stop playing. Cards will challenge you to create the given shapes. 

kepler cosmos.jpg

ZomeTool - Kepler Cosmos

German mathematician, astronomer Johannes Kepler's universe model made up of 5 platonic solids. 


Kaleidograph Crystal

570 billion combinations of patterns

star cube.jpg

Star Cube

Cube Transforms Into a number of shapes including two same size cubes that can turn to a 12-Pointed Stars.

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 9.01.28 AM.png

Curiosity Box by Vsauce

The Curiosity Box is a seasonal subscription box for thinkers. Each box is designed and curated by the award-winning creators of Vsauce .


Snake Cube Fidget 

Snake puzzles can turn into any shape, you can combine them to create bigger shapes.

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 9.36.47 AM.png


Numberphile Knots on canvas print with Blue or Black Options.


Expanding Mini Sphere

The inventor calls it a trapezoidal icosatetrahedron. It expands neatly into a lattice-like globe



Top spins on the base and stops on the base without tripping and falling. 

optical illusion card deck.jpg

Optical Illusion Card Deck

The set includes a different optical illusion on every card... that's more than 52 illusions (including jokers).

R Solids.jpeg

Reuleaux Solids

Set of three Cones of constant width with one of each Triangle,Hexagon and a sphere. 


Infinity Dodecahedron

12-sided infinite color art lamp.


Lightning and Tesla Coil

Place your fingers on the globe’s surface and watch as the tendrils of light follow your touch!


Galileo Weather Station

Galileo Weather Station with Clock, Barometer, and Thermometer.


Pythagorean cup

it allows the user to fill the cup with drink up to a certain level. Above a level, the cup spills its entire contents out the bottom.


Tessellation Stencils

Animal tessellation stencils including Escher-like reptiles

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