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Virtual STEAM Museums

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

As you all know there are great math, science and technology museums all around the world.

I have listed a few of them under the STEAM ITINERARIES page as well.

Obviously we do not have time and money to visit all of them

If you do not have the opportunity to travel so much but still want to see those museums or want to show them to your students to inspire, you can use Google's Art and Culture as an app or a website like you may use it for seeing the best artworks on earth.

Let's start with DEUTSCHES MUSEUM from Munich, Germany

As Europe’s largest technology museum, Munich’s Deutsches Museum is at the forefront of researching new modes of communication, transportation, and energy production.

You can have a quick virtual tour at some parts of this museum and even to see a special 2012 model Tesla Roadstar who completed his journey around the world – in only 127 days or the detailed Cryptology Section

You can find an article about the 10 Of The World's Most Awe-Inspiring Science Museums listed on the site and by clicking the links of the each museum, you can start yo your virtual tour, even by grabbing your cardboard viewer and you can immerse yourself in those STEAM museums.

Another recommended exhibition on Google's Art and Culture is Leonardo Da Vinci, Engineer where you can see his genius as a polymath .

After a quick tour in Munich and Rome, now let's go to Florence to visit the museum of Galileo.

Museo Galileo Virtual Tour can show you the impressive collection of tools that Galileo used to make his ground breaking discoveries.

Museo Galileo has also an App itself to introduce its exhibitions where you can download from Apple App store or Google Play.

Highlights of the museum include all the original instruments designed by Galileo, including his only two surviving telescopes.

Have a good trip !


To preview the module use the enrollment key DJH-NCL-TKA for the iTunes U app or you can directly open it from your iOS Devices by clicking the link.

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