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Seeing the Classroom from a Student’s Perspective


The only true rule for a creative classroom is that it accommodates several learning approaches. So the real focus is the flexibility of the class design. Versatile seating options, mobile furniture, and welcoming classroom displays are all coming together to allow for independent, partner, group, and collaborative learning.

According to Cheryn et al. (2014)

“… scientific studies reveal the unexpected importance of a classroom’s symbolic features, such as objects and wall décor, in influencing student learning and achievement in that environment. Symbols inform students whether they are valued learners and belong within the classroom, with far-reaching consequences for students’ educational choices and achievement.”

Here are some tips for a creative classroom design;

  • Choose furniture that can be easily moved - classroom spaces should be FLEXIBLE, rather than static

  • Designate different areas of the room to be used for varied learning activities

  • Decorate with the students’ artwork, poetry, or projects. This helps them to find their place in the class community and to feel ownership over the space.

Two websites to try different seating arrangements for your classroom;

Classroom Architect and Class Set-up Tool

Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 1.23.31 AM.png

Welcome Banners

Welcome Banner Template 1.png
Welcome Banner Template 2.png

Ready-to-print Welcome Banners with different fonts.

docx.  pdf. 



Mathematical Letters

Mathonyms is a webpage that re-writes your entry using mathematical letters.

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 8.49.21 PM.png

Desmos Alphabet

Desmos Alphabet

Polypad Tangram Letters

Letters and Digits made up of tangram pieces on Polypad

Tangram Letters.png

Math Clocks

clock 2.jpg
clock 1.jpg

And here is another option;

A model clock by Leonardo Da Vinci.

There are many different math clocks around that you can add to your wıshlist or purchase.

Da Vinci Clock.jpg

Buying an empty clock and creating the clock as a class project can be another option. You can find the lesson plan here.

Math Calendar

You can create a math calender as a long term project with students or buy one that provides a math challenge for every day of the year.

Math Calendar 22.png
Math Calendar 2022.png

Doors to Welcome Students 

You can start giving clues about the theme of your classroom with an inspiring door design.

I chose the Movie " Matrix " as a theme of my classroom, whereas another math teacher who is also a famous travel blogger (IG: @nilyesiliyollar)  designed her class door with a world map shows the places of the math museums all around the world. 


Matrix Theme

You can use movie posters to decorate the class doors.


World Map

Use a world map on the class door to promote the math / science museums or the birth places of famous mathematicians.


Pi Number

Listing the digits of the iconic Pi number on the math class door.


Math Cartoons

Math memes and cartoons are very popular among students, so why not use them as door decor!


Book Cover

Book Covers can be math class doors as well as the Language  Class Doors.


Word Door

An interactive word-door can replace word walls for math classes.

Classroom Posters and Manipulatives

Here are the pages you can find more ideas to create

a welcoming, motivating and inspiring classroom. 

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